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November 1, 2010


Barolo-A Town With Some Serious WIne

Italy is a beautiful country. Whatever region you travel to, you will find gorgeous countryside, enchanting towns and photo ops around every corner. It seems that everyone will visit Tuscany at some point-many on their first trip-but it would be foolish to think that this is the only area to visit.

Some years ago I was talking to our good friend and wine aficionado, J., and he mentioned that he would go to Italy if he could spend time in Piemonte. At the time I didn’t know much about Piemonte, but I did know that it meant wine, seriously good wine.

We finally made it to Piemonte this spring and it was love at first sight. It didn’t hurt that we made the amazing Baur B & B ( situated on a hill just outside of the town of Acqui Terme) our home base. The view from their patio alone was enough to win me over to this northern part of the country. Now all we had to do was drink some of their famous wine and that we did.

If you get in the car and drive the country roads surrounding Acqui Terme, you’ll find yourself in the midst of rolling hills covered with vineyards. We drove aimlessly, stopping here and there and savored the scenery as much as the wine. In the town of Barolo you have to drop into the Enoteca Regionale-a huge showroom featuring wine from the eleven villages of the Barolo region. So many choices-it was actually a bit overwhelming, but in a good way.

There’s still a bottle tucked away in the wine cooler, waiting for some special dinner. I’d like to think we’ll be back in Piemonte again before we pop the cork on that Barolo that we carried home. Time will tell…

3 thoughts on “Barolo-A Town With Some Serious WIne

  1. I went to the Salone del Gusto in Torino a couple of weeks ago. As somebody who is interested in food, you must go to this next time. I have now been 3 times. On 2 of our trips to Piedmonte for Salone we stayed in the country. I agree with you that is beautiful – different from Tuscany, but gorgeous.

  2. LOVE Baur B&B and perhaps that place should be my goal when I come back to Italy – I think it would be the perfect backdrop for a perfect return.

    • Turid-I know that you wrote about it. It really is a little slice of heaven and Diana is wonderful. I hope to eventually do a food tour to Piemonte and have some classes at Baur B&B.

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