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October 27, 2010


Montecatini Terme-Beautiful Even In The Rain

It was raining, or should I say, it was pouring, but I was in Italy so I wasn’t about to complain. Earlier in the day we had been over at the seaside resort of Forte dei Marmi and the weather was perfect. For the first time in a week I took off my jacket and we ate lunch at a streetside cafe. Encouraged by the sun actually shining, we decided to head inland and visit Montecatini Terme-famous for its thermal spas.

In the late seventeen hundreds the thermal baths were constructed here in an abandoned area that was once malaria infested. It was only in the last century that Montecatini achieved international fame for its baths. Just take at look a the photos and you can see the grandeur of the buildings housing the spas. These spas were famous for the beneficial effects of their waters on the human body.

I stood there in the rain, struggling with my umbrella, imagining what this gorgeous place must thave been like in its heydey. For about 6 euros we could have gone inside and partake of the healing waters, but I was content to admire the buildings and what I really wanted was a hot caffe!

There are two spots left for the May trip to Lucca. Stop by Cook with Panini Girl in Italy for the details or drop me an e mail ( for info on the following tour.


5 thoughts on “Montecatini Terme-Beautiful Even In The Rain

  1. Great shots of Montecatini! We love this place. The park is beautiful and the town is very lovely. Did you go to Montecatini Alto?

  2. What wonderful photos and I can not tell you how much I’d love to be on that May trip! One of these days……

  3. Gorgeous, even in the rain. I love that area. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos

  4. What a magnificent place! Soaked in rain and luxury. Ah, the history…

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