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October 16, 2010


I Hear Bells

I asked the innkeeper if you could hear much noise from the room. It’s a question I frequently ask when checking into a hotel. He replied “no, just church bells”. After all, the inn was only a half a block from Florence’s incredible Duomo-Cattedrale Santa Maria del Fiori. “Church bells” I thought, “now that’s a noise I can deal with”.

It was late afternoon and we were taking a breather in our beautiful room. Suddenly the sound of church bells filled the air. They seemed closer than the Duomo down the block. I peered out of the window and looked to the right and there in the courtyard outside of room was this building with a campanile (bell tower). We were being serenaded and I knew in my heart that I would always remember this moment.

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4 thoughts on “I Hear Bells

  1. Sounds like bells are very romantic to you-in Florence and all over….how did that dessert with the caramel turn out?

  2. Nice thought. I am picturing the bells and it’s lovely!

  3. I, too, love the sound of church bells that you can hear in Italy šŸ™‚ Even when they do go on for about 15 minutes at 7 am on a Sunday morning!!! I wonder if anyone can actually sleep through these? Do you think you get used to it? Ha! Ha!

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