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October 10, 2010


Someone’s In The Kitchen

Without a doubt, I am in the cook in our household. It’s something I love to do and look forward to almost every single day. Even on nights when I say that I don’t feel like cooking, I usually end up being the one to make dinner. I’m not complaining, just stating a fact. Back in the day when my job was very demanding during the holiday season, J. was known to whip up a meal or two. I kid with him now about finding a specialty, one that he can call his signature dish. Well, I think we may have found it-pizza!

I had the pizza stone heating up in the oven when J. announced that he wanted to try it on the grill. We’ve done it in the fireplace (fun, but we need a bigger fireplace) and I think years back we actually did try it once on the grill, but last night, it was all J.’s show. He rolled the dough out super thin (even tossed it around a little) and took his act out to the grill. I was merely the accomplice, carrying out the sauce and slicing more cheese. I should have waited until the pizza was totally done before I snapped a photo, but you get the idea. It was incredible-as thin as it could be and perfectly cooked. We have some dough leftover so who knows, maybe he’ll whip up another one for lunch today. Like I said, I think we may have found his calling in the kitchen!


6 thoughts on “Someone’s In The Kitchen

  1. Tell J.he did a good job! I am the “cooker” (not yet a chef… you are a chef… I am merely a “cooker”) in our household. I love cooking, but it’s nice to have a break every now and then. 🙂

  2. J’s pizza looks heavenly! I just posted a blog about apple butter and apple raisin cookies. I needed your photo of the pizza to bring me out of the sweet, cinnamony state I was in! Thank You!

  3. Way to go John! My John was just telling me tonight that he wants to cook the entire meal on the grill “by himself”. I told him that “by himself” would include shopping and prep – he balked a bit, but I think pizza might be almost doable (well I guess he could cheat and use things already in the fridge). Anyway, your John’s pizza looks quite delicious!

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