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September 10, 2010

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A Cook Who Bakes

I love to cook. If I have free time I’m happiest when I’m in the kitchen, preparing food to feed friends and family. I am a cook. I’ve never described myself as a baker, but I came to the realization recently that I love to bake. Maybe it’s because I’ve not been baking for the past month that I’ve decided how much I enjoy baking. Yes, I have to follow a recipe. I can’t improvise much as I don’t really understand the science involved when you bake. Of course I throw chocolate chops into my biscotti to mix them up a bit, but I still use the basic recipe to make sure that everything comes out perfectly.

Yesterday I made coconut shortbread and although I like them, I wasn’t in love with them. I kept tasting them, wondering what it was that was bothering me. They aren’t very sweet and that’s okay. I think I might have not rolled them quite thin enough, as I expected them to be a little crispier. After a few bites I taste the coconut and I like it, but I can’t help but wonder if I had found the sweetened flaked coconut that they might taste more like I was expecting them to taste.

So, this afternoon I took to the kitchen again and baked a different cookie to take to the dinner party this weekend. This is a cookie that I love and have to stop myself from eating one after another. They’re vanilla crescents and I originally saw these on one of my favorite cooking blogs-Cream Puffs in Venice. I whipped up a batch and know they’ll be perfect with gelato for our dessert. J. already stole one off the cooling rack so he can attest to how good they are. I promise to get back to you within the next few days with the recipe.

As for the coconut shortbread, I know I’ll make them again, using the flaked coconut and rolling them thinner.


One thought on “A Cook Who Bakes

  1. I love the cream puff…but I have been so happy discovering your blog too. Love the recipes and the very thought of living in Italy, Oh, I am jealous.
    Your shortbread sounds addicting!

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