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September 7, 2010



There are just two of us-do you think I have enough tomatoes? I can’t stop myself. I cruise the farmers’ market stopping at my favorite spots and my eyes glaze over when I get to their tomatoes. I scrutinize each and every basket and since I’m not in Italy where this is strictly forbidden, I actually lift tomato after tomato hoping to find some that aren’t over ripe. I make a purchase and continue on until I spy the tiniest beauties that I’ve ever seen. Not much bigger than peas, I begin to pop them in my mouth as soon as I walk away from the table. They are sweet and I eat one after another as I continue on. My bag is full and just when I think I’m done shopping, I find myself back at the first stand where I already purchased about six pounds of heirlooms for a mere four dollars. The farmer laughed as I grab two more baskets and and I said I’d see her next week. Until then, I need to get to work on slicing, dicing, roasting, sauteing and stuffing my cache. Before you know it they’ll be gone from the market and summer will be a mere memory.


2 thoughts on “Smitten

  1. Whoa. that’s a whole lot of tomatoes there and they all look fabulous. I’ll be sorry to see them go as fall approaches/

  2. Linda-the only way this could be better would be if they came from our garden-we had our worst crop ever this year!

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