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July 29, 2010


Where I Want To Cook

I’d love to say that I had a wonderful pizza oven like this in my backyard. I’m not even sure that our yard is big enough to handle a wood fired oven that generated that much heat. I’m fascinated by the art of cooking in a wood fired oven. Yes, I long to bake a pizza this way, but there’s more than pizza that you can do. I recently watched an episode of Jamie Oliver where he made a delectable pork roast and balsamic roasted potatoes. When the fire cools down some after the pizzas are cooked, you can throw in a a chicken or a big pan of veggies. I want to do this!

Yes, we’ve done a mini experiment cooking over a wood fire in our tiny indoor fireplace. So far we’ve done pizza a few times and a few steaks. It’s so flavorful and I wish we had a larger fireplace and colder weather to justify lighting a fire in the house!

I will cook a pizza in a real outdoor pizza oven. I’ll learn how best to build the fire, experiment with roasts and steaks and vegetables and you just may be invited to dinner-in Italy that is. Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Where I Want To Cook

  1. Ohmygosh you have so hit on my dream!!!! It’ll never look like that one, but someday, before I retire, I am buying an outdoor pizza oven! I’ve already checked them out and can’t get one right now–but SOMEDAY!!!!! That photo is unbelievable!

  2. I have a couple of cousins in Italy who each have an outdoor wood oven similar to this. I can only dream.

  3. And when that day arrives, you’ll host a blog pizza meet-up, and we’ll all come see you hurl the dough and then bake it in your splendid wood-powered beauty!


  4. I have had pizza cooked in an outdoor pizza oven at a stone cottage in the hills near Bagni di Lucca. I can report that it was delicious and I ate far too much.

  5. Me too. Oh yes, definitely me too.

  6. Let me know where and when you will doing those pizzas will be made by YOU in Italy and I am there!

  7. Yeah, that oven is fantastic. Where did you find that?! We just keep telling ourselves that the Big Green Egg is just as good. But, of course, it’s not as good as that beauty!

    Oh! And bring on the panzanella recipe! I’m curious.

  8. I can almost taste it! I’m ready to rip down my outdoor fireplace and put one in!

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