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July 13, 2010


Something To Nibble On

As soon as J. opened the menu, he spied this dish listed among the appetizers-deep fried deviled eggs. I immediately knew that he would order this, whereas I was much less curious. At any rate, we asked our server to describe how it was made, as I just couldn’t envision deep frying a deviled egg. She explained that it was only the white of a hard boiled egg that was fried and then topped with the yolk.

I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this clever hors d’oeuvres. The white was breaded, fried and when served was still warm. The filling was cool and light and topped with crumbled bacon. All in all, I’m glad we gave it a try!


2 thoughts on “Something To Nibble On

  1. I’ll take your word for it on that one.

  2. That is so funny. Brad ordered “char-grilled eggs” for breakfast. I had the image of them dropping eggs through the grill. LOL (They fry them first, then get grill marks.)

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