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July 6, 2010


On The Road To Lucca

We saw it from a distance on the narrow road on the back way to Lucca. What was this round building that you had to drive around? We were both fascinated by it and after passing it several times, decided that it must have been some been grain storage, surmising that the farmers drove up to it and left off their wares. What did we know?

Recently we had dinner with the owner of the house we rented in Sant’Andrea di Compito and decided we should ask her about this building. She knew immediately what we were referring to and set us straight as to what this was really used for. In reality, this tower had nothing to do with farming, but instead was a lookout post and used for signaling (with flames) other towers in the area. Another of the wonderful things about Italy-you can stumble upon ancient buildings like this and rather than knocking it down when the road was built, they just paved around it!


3 thoughts on “On The Road To Lucca

  1. That is what I like to see, History left for everyone, .. !

  2. That’s extremely cool!

  3. How wonderful! It is great that it was not pulled down. I have never seen the tower. Is it near the Lucca wall? I can’t wait to get back there in September.

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