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June 14, 2010


Back To Arezzo

In the back of my mind I knew I would love to return to Arezzo, the scene of my month long adventure in learning and living Italian. J. and I had decided that we would make a day trip, probably at the beginning of our vacation, but with the incredible rain, we just didn’t motivate to make the drive before we headed up to Piemonte. I was disappointed, but knew in my heart that I would spend time there again at some point.

Upon returning to Tuscany the rain eventually stopped and much to my surprise our great friends B. & G. were more than willing to head out to the eastern edge of Tuscany and visit Arezzo. I was a little uncertain as to whether they would appreciate the small city for what it was-virtually no tourists, Italians speaking Italian, the famous Piero della Francesco frescoes, the daily passeggiata and good food.

It was a perfect day, but of course a little bittersweet for me. I gave everyone the grand tour-all my favorite hot spots for food, my old apartment building, the school (where I made a detour to go and chat with my professoressa), the beautiful Piazza Grande and the lesser known back walkways where the Arretini have their homes. Much to my joy, they all loved Arezzo and were charmed by the authentic “Italian experience”. We sipped cappuccino in my old haunt, enjoyed lunch in a small trattoria, indulged in gelato at my favorite spot and left with smiles on our faces. As we walked back to our car I turned and glance lovingly at the place I had called home for a month a few years ago. Arezzo, I shall return…


4 thoughts on “Back To Arezzo

  1. I wish I was there. Wonderful.

  2. oh it must have been so nice to at least seen it again…although quickly. and yes, you will return 🙂

  3. We really enjoyed Arezzo, too. Since it was on train line, we stopped there to see the Piero Della Francesca fresco paintings in the church and stayed on to enjoy the town. We had the same experience of real Italian life that you describe. We drank caffe on the piazzas and watched part of a marathon style running event through the small streets. It would be a nice place to return to.

    GG Husak
    author: “Passeggiata: Strolling Through Italy”

  4. I can assure you that B. and G. loved Arezzo and were grateful for their own personal tour guide. =) Judging by the pictures, it is a beautiful place! I would love to visit someday.

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