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June 2, 2010


Looking For Coffee And Finding Roman Ruins

The house we rented was perfect. Plenty of space, a modern kitchen, very updated bathrooms with roomy showers, plenty of hot water, fluffy towels and about as quiet as you could ask for. The only downside was having to drive out of the town for that perfect Italian cappuccino. Yes, we could make coffee in the house and yes, it was good, but there’s really no substitute for that creamy and not at all bitter cappuccino that you can get almost everywhere in Italy.

We had a small bakery in town and I walked there one morning, but alas they did not do coffee. Not only was I denied my morning cappuccino, but at 9:30 am they were already sold out of their cornetti (Italian type croissants that are the “go to” accompaniment to coffee). We had heard about a pasticceria on the way out of town that had delectable pastries and great coffee drinks. It took us a couple of days and more than a few drives up and down the main road to finally find it, but it didn’t really matter that we were sort of lost. This photo (taken by our friend G.) shows the scene that we passed every day on our quest for caffeine. Now, how can you get upset about coffee when you have an ancient roman aqueduct to look at?


5 thoughts on “Looking For Coffee And Finding Roman Ruins

  1. Where is the aquaduct? It looks like the one near Lucca.

  2. I thought it looked like the aquaduct outside Lucca. I really want to walk beside it to see how far it goes. I am back in Brisbane now but will be back in Italy in September to sit for the practical test for my drivers’ licence. Have you seen the photos of the area on my blog?

    • Deb-yes-I have seen your great photos and on our next trip t the area I hope to get to your town and all the wonderful places near by. How long have you been going there?

  3. We bought the house in 2003 and I have been spending about 4/5 months a year there ever since. We rent it (mostly to Australian friends) when we are not there and it works out very wel for us. I travel in Italy quite a bit while I am there, but I do like to spend lots of time around Bagni and Lucca.

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