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June 1, 2010

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The Hidden Restaurant

When we were in the planning stages for our trip to Sant’Andrea di Compito we heard about a restaurant that was up in the woods behind the house. I had scribbled just those words “restaurant in the woods” and sort of forgot about it. Once at the house I took out my notebook and saw what I had written.

One evening, in between downpours, we took off on the narrow road leading into the hills above our house. We passed a cluster of stone houses, various gardens with barking dogs, crossed over the rushing stream and continued on up the hill. The road was paved and wound around to the top, but I knew we would never make it that far. We decided to just go as far as we liked and then turn around and head home. All of a sudden we rounded a corner and there was a small building and a parking lot. We had discovered the restaurant in the woods. Since it was pretty early in the evening I knew it wouldn’t be open yet, but I was happy that we now knew where it was and that we could walk to it.

I loved the look of this place. There it was all by itself, surrounded by trees and nothing else. I imagined coming back, walking through the dark woods with a flashlight and settling in for course after course of local specialties. Then I saw the sign-sabato, domenica e giorni festivi-Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Both weekends we would be traveling away from the area. Our dinner in the woods would have to wait until next time. It’s good to have something to look forward to!


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