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May 24, 2010


A Little Slice Of Heaven In Piemonte

I always have a running list going in my head about where to go and what to do in Italy. About two years ago I blogged about my list at the time and I am happy to announce that on our recent trip we finally crossed off number 8-staying at Baur B & B in Piemonte.

Years back when I first discovered the world of blogs, one of the first I started following was Diana’s (now called Creative Structures) at Baur B & B. I was fascinated by her stories of living in Italy and running a bed and breakfast in the hills just outside of Acqui Terme. Sounds romantic, doesn’t? A scenic location, a fascinating building, access to fabulous food products-what a way to live! Well, if you follow Diana’s blog you’ll soon discover that there’s a whole lot of heart and soul, not to mention hours and hours of hard work, the Italian bureaucracy and dealing with inclement weather, that go into the running of this fabulous spot.

Of course we got lost coming into the town of Acqui Terme, despite Diana’s perfect directions. After a few minutes of driving around we were back on track and in mere moments we were on the windy road up to the inn. We were immediately greeted by Diana, Micha and the adorable Max, their dog. After a quick tour we settled into chairs at the patio table for a little wine and a delicious platter of focaccia, cheese, salami and lovely toppings along with the incredible countryside view.

We couldn’t have asked for more during our time there. Our room was beautiful, comfortable and totally quiet. Each day we were stocked with water, sodas and wines of the area. The breakfasts served by Diana and Micha are legendary (go check it out on Diana’s recent post) and their knowledge of the area regarding restaurants and excursions is a real help in getting to know Piemonte. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all the beautiful atristic touches around the property-from decorative items in the rooms to the pottery dishes you’ll eat from, all created by Diana.

So yes, we finally made it to Baur B & B, but now it’s back on the list. We just began to scratch the surface of this gorgeous part of Italy and there’s no where else we’d rather stay. Thank you Diana and Micha-we’ll be back!


10 thoughts on “A Little Slice Of Heaven In Piemonte

  1. Thank you so much for this. It’s so very kind of you. We loved having you as guests and look forward to your next stay. Much love to both you from our little hill.

  2. I loved this post because I have a similar list in my head, bookmarked on my computer and on a “sticky note” on my desktop! The picture you posted is amazing, what a beautiful place where I hope to visit someday! So happy to read about your wonderful trip!

  3. It looks like an absolutely beautiful spot – I can picture you sitting their with John drinking a glass of wine with a huge smile on your face!

  4. Diana’s place is definitely on my list of “must visits” too; so glad you enjoyed your stay, and thanks for sharing it with us 😀

  5. I agree. I stayed at there last summer and can’t wait to go back.

    It is truly a little slice of heaven..

  6. Your site is such a resource for me. Hubbard and I want to go back to Italy and travel outside of Rome (which we are very fond of). Praying it happens soon. And that you’ll be around to help us plan!

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