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May 21, 2010


Bringing Italy Home

I am doing my best to face the reality of the situation-we are no longer in Italy. I’m still in a daze of jet lag and did nothing today except unpack my bags. I haven’t gone to the grocery store, or picked up our mail, or even answered the phone. I guess you could say that I’m trying to put off the inevitable culture shock that I know is just around the corner.

I’m not much of a shopper, but drop me down into Italy and I am constantly on the lookout for a little something that I can take home with me. There are so many wonderful products to tempt even the most reluctant shopper. I’m not saying that I have no interest in shoes or leather, but food products are on the top of my shopping list. I’m just sorry that you can’t take olive oil on the plane in your carry on or I would have a lot more than the 2 bottles that I brought home in my suitcase. I was tempted to buy another bag and just fill it up with food, but I held back with the thought that I will be back there sooner, rather than later.

I think we need a little pasta tonight to stave off withdrawal. Tomorrow though, it will probably have to be a dose of Mexican food or a great burger!


3 thoughts on “Bringing Italy Home

  1. Welcome back to CA!!!! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

  2. I was confused about what I could take home with me when we were in Italy. Is everything OK? Or is there a list somewhere that tells you what is OK to bring back and forth?

    • Margie-I know you can’t bring back any meat products-I sent a box home last time that had a jar of pate and it was confiscated! I think you can bring back hard cheeses, like parmigiano, if they are vacuum sealed.

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