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May 17, 2010


In The Neighborhood

This is the street right outside the charming inn where we’ve been staying in Florence. At first I was unsure as to whether it was wise to stay this close to the Duomo. Wouldn’t it be noisy with the constant throng of crowds milling about? The innkeeper assured me that it would be totally quiet except for the sound of church bells. I was okay with that and am happy to report that this was a great choice. Once in our very spacious room we never heard any street noise. Oh-there goes the bells right now. How will I be able to stand going home?


8 thoughts on “In The Neighborhood

  1. You stand coming home by knowing it’s time to plan the next trip to Italy. Thanks for some terrific posts.

  2. If it’s a good place, I would love to have the name of it so I can suggest it to my guests. šŸ™‚

    Enjoy your moments. Every one of them.

  3. What a beautiful street. No wonder you love Italy.
    Also, we’d miss you terribly if you did not come home!

  4. What a lovely view-a quiet hotel in Florence is a keeper-share the name for future visits!

  5. Re-entry is hard. Come visit us and relive it all. Time to start planning the next one!

  6. We walked there yesterday, and the day before that… now we are back home again. Sigh. I miss it.

  7. Brad and Palma-we will get together and do a recap when Palma gets back. I’m already jealous that she is gone off to Bologna and we’ve just arrived home!

    Diana and Linda Lou-I’m going to do a post on our inn in Florence so check back.

    Linda J.-you’ve got to come with us some time!

    Annika-sadly, we just got home too! I actually was thinking I might see you walking around one of the piazzas in Firenze. Hope you had a wonderful time.

  8. I loved all the noises when we were in Rome. In fact, I slept in the living area of our apartment with the balcony doors open. The people on the street. The noise from the restaurant below. The musicians playing for the tourist. The dumpsters full of wine and water bottles being emptied early in the morning. All of it was lovely to me. But the church bells and the sun shining down through the clouds… magic…

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