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May 16, 2010

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Home Sweet Home

It was a first for us-traveling with other people. We’re usually on our own and have been pretty happy that way, but about a year ago my good friend B. came to me with an opportunity to rent a house outside of Lucca. It sounded like a great opportunity and the price was definitely right, so we said “we’re in!”. At the time I was unsure about my job situation and just decided that we would be going to Italy in May ’10, come hell or high water. Strange how things work out-my job ended April 30-our reservations were for May 1.

Various times over the course of the year we met with the owner of the house, who lives nearby at home. She was actually born in the town where the house is and this was the home of her parents and countless other relatives over the years. When we arrived we quickly realized that she was related to just about the whole town. Of course there was definitely chatter going on about the “americani” who kept driving in and out of the borgo which was no small feat on the incredibly narrow roads!

Our time together was a lot of fun. There were moments when I laughed so hard, I was crying! Friendships were strengthened and every day was an adventure. Until next time, arrivederci…


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