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May 12, 2010


Up The Road

The rain had stopped for a few minutes and I decided to take a walk. Our house is tucked away at the end of the skinniest driveway bordered by stone houses built hundreds of years ago. When you drive in you really should pull in your side mirrors-so far we’ve been lucky and haven’t run into the side of someone’s house! J. and I took up off the hill and rounded the corner and there on the side of a rushing stream was this old mill.

No internet or phone service available at the house, hence the lack of posting. I’ll make up for it soon, but for now I am happy to be surprised on a daily basis by scenes like this.


6 thoughts on “Up The Road

  1. How beautiful!
    In case I can’t get hold of you before, we’ll be with you between 7 and 7.30 on Tuesday…in time for supper in the hotel! B x

  2. I didn’t know you were staying at Baur – how fantastic – please send my best wishes.

    What a beautiful and romantic spot that mill is! The green trees, the old mill stone… Love it.

  3. That is really beautiful. Can’t wait to hear EVERYTHING!

  4. What a sweet peaceful spot…look forward to seeing lots of photos of the B & B!

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