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May 9, 2010


La Festa

While savoring every bite of the delectable Baur B & B breakfast, it was mentioned that the neighboring town (about 11 miles away) of Nizza Monferrato was having a Barbera Festival. Seeing that we really didn’t have any concrete plans for today (besides wandering aimlessly around the beautiful Acqui Terme), we decided that this would be a perfect outing. Sunny skies, gorgeous countryside, lots of wine and local food was all the enticement that we needed.

I wish I could say that I had pictures of the “wine madness” (hi John M.) that we encountered, but I’m not much for taking photos while being the conspicuous (and only) tourists. We pulled into town, saw lots of cars and no parking and immediately turned around and found a space just a few blocks away from all the action. We didn’t real know what to expect and how to proceed, but quickly discovered that we need to purchase a glass and prepare to taste. There were a few booths set up in the piazza where 1 euro would get you not what we’d call ” a taste” but a really generous pour of Barbera. This meant we needed food and right behind us as the booth with the “nonnas” cooking up pasta. We didn’t hesitate to order a bowl of agnolotti with ragu and it was perfetto!

Next stop was the building that held 50 (yes fifty) local producers of Barbera. No charge for the tasting if you already purchased the wine glass. It was overwhelming, but wonderful-I suppose it would have only been better if we’d had a driver! Speaking of drivers-in addition to the wine festival and local food, there was a Ferrari touring club meeting (along with a few Maseratis) also taking place. Great wine, fabulous food, and fast cars-got to love the Italians!


4 thoughts on “La Festa

  1. Fast cars and free wine – Giggy would have been in heaven! Bx

  2. Steve would have loved checking out those beautiful cars, I would stick with trying as many wines as possible-great pics!

  3. Sounds great Panini Girl, and a shout-out for Wine Madness!

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