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April 19, 2010


The Get Away

Before the BIG get away, we are on a much needed mini break to Santa Barbara. We love it here and have visited more times than I can remember. The town is beautiful and a little bit reminiscent of the Mediterranean. There are endless choices for dining and I am happy to just be here doing nothing.

On the other hand, not too far in the back of my mind lurks the volcano and grounded flights and the upcoming trip to nirvana. I am grateful that our plane does not leave tomorrow, but have to say that it’s a tad unnerving to know that Mother Nature is the one in control. What will I do if we can’t go? Besides pulling out my hair, I will be planning something else to soothe my tortured self!

For now I am going to pour a glass of wine and head out to the patio and be happy that I am here in such a peaceful place.

Annika, if you happen to read this, let’s hope for the best. Non preoccuparti!


8 thoughts on “The Get Away

  1. Happy you are enjoying spending time in my second favorite place in the world (S.B.)-you WILL get on that plane and the clouds will depart and you will fly up up and away to nirvana!

  2. I KNOW I KNOW!! Me too…we’re leaving next month, and it’s definitely in the back of my mind as well. When do you leave? Oh well, I’m drinking a glass of wine right now too…not much little ol’ me can do about a huge volcano I guess 🙂

  3. SB really is a beautiful city. Have fun.

  4. Erin-on the 1st-what about you???

  5. I just found your site. I love it! I love to garden and cook what I grow. I am planning on trying the recipes that you have posted. I am in the Mid-West (country girl) and I love it here. Although it is not always easy to find some ingredients needed for recipes.
    I will be praying that your trip is successful! and that mother nature cooperates.

  6. did i miss how to get your posts automatically?

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