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April 12, 2010

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Singing Along, In Italian

When I’m in the car I almost always listen to Italian music. I love it and figure that it’s a good way to learn pronunciation. I only have about 12 CDs that I play over and over (I really need to get some more) and so by now I know most of the words and can sing along. Recently I realized that I now actually understand what the songs are about! I originally heard this song-Due– on a CD of RAF’s but I love this version from Laura Pausini.

Some months back Laura performed in Los Angeles and I was jealous that my tutor had tickets and I didn’t. I couldn’t wait to hear all about the event, but it turns out that Laura, who also sings in Spanish, only did a few songs in Italian and the rest were indeed in Spanish to satisfy the mostly Hispanic audience. I’ll have to be satisfied with my own private concert in the car!


One thought on “Singing Along, In Italian

  1. I, too, love Laura Pausini….and it kind of bothers me that her, along with other ITALIAN artists, feel that they have to record in Spanish as well as Italian in order to reach a wider audience. Their talent alone is really all they need!

    But I’m with you as far as using music to improve your Italian!! I learned SO much more by listening to the lyrics … and what a pleasant way to learn!!

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