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April 5, 2010


La Pasquetta

The day after Easter isn’t anything special here in the US, but in Italy this Monday is a holiday in its own right-Pasquetta. Schools are closed, people are off from work and it’s a day when friends and family typically gather together, go to the countryside, have a picnic and enjoy being outdoors. I remember having the day off for Pasquetta when I was studying in Arezzo and even though it was spring, there was a hailstorm and I doubt if anyone was picnicking outdoors!

Today I had my own little Pasquetta celebration. I baked the Torta di Pasqua that is a tradition in my family. After savoring every single bite I met my tutor for a much overdue lesson and spent an hour speaking (or should I say struggling to speak) Italian. It’s been ages since I spent time with her and I’m encouraged by what I can understand while being humbled by the verb tenses that I’ve forgotten. So it’s back to the books and I vow that in the next month I will seriously make an attempt to study every day and by the time I step down on Italian soil four weeks from now, I’ll hopefully be able to say more than “my husband would like the bolognese”!


5 thoughts on “La Pasquetta

  1. Beautiful Torta

  2. Is your torta like Palma’s pizza rustica? Only four weeks ’till Italy… Wow! I’ll bet you and J. are getting excited.

  3. Brad-I’ll have to see of Palma’s recipe is on her blog-I bet it’s similar!

  4. It is very similar to my family’s pizza rustica, only a bit more manageable amounts of everything.

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