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March 30, 2010


The Famous No-Knead Bread

With a little forethought you too can have freshly baked bread that tastes like it came from a wonderful “panificio” (shop that sells bread). I’m pretty happy with my first attempt at this popular bread, although I must admit that I wish it had risen a little higher. That being said, the bread is incredibly delicious. The texture is just perfect with a slight chew to it and there’s a wonderful crust. Next time I will bake it in a pan that is not as wide as the one I used and then my loaf will be taller rather than wider.

The big taste test was a warm, crusty piece slathered with butter and it was so good that I had to walk away from the kitchen as to not eat half a loaf by myself. J. pronounced that it will be the perfect bread to use for our summer “bruschetta” and I whole heartedly agreed.

Why did it take me four years to try this bread? Don’t you wait! You can find this recipe easily on the internet and you already have the ingredients in your cupboard-flour, salt, yeast and water-go for it!


6 thoughts on “The Famous No-Knead Bread

  1. Is this the one that you let rise for 24 hours and put in a cast iron pot? Is it really really easy??

  2. YAY! You will have more here 🙂

  3. Is the recipe for the no-knead bread posted or am I just having difficulty navigating your blog?

  4. Hi Donna-thanks for stopping by. I mentioned at the end of the post that this recipe is very easy to find on the internet. I didn’t post it but if you do a search for “no knead bread” you’ll find it there on various sites. The original article was in the NY Times.

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