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March 12, 2010


Things I’m Waiting For…

Stressing out as I try to read a map, listen to the GPS and give J. directions to our secluded vacation home.
Getting lost on country roads with rotaries and crazy signs pointing in all directions.
Stumbling upon a charming medieval town way off the beaten path.
Starting every morning with the perfect cappuccino.
Eating pasta every single day!
Struggling to find the right words to actually speak in Italian and make myself understood.
Sharing my passion for my favorite place with friends who are new to its wonders.
Having to decide how much olive oil I really can stuff into my suitcase to carry home.
Visiting Arezzo and walking by my old apartment (and probably shedding a tear or two…)
Convincing myself that it’s okay to have gelato more than once a day.
Being able to order “house wine” and know that for the most part it will be really good.
Taking a ferry and looking back at this beautiful country from out at sea.
Eating “porchetta”!
Visiting the weekly markets and reveling in this slice of everyday life.
Church bells, cypress trees and simple food!

Of course this post could go on and on but I have to go and whip up some Italian food for dinner. A presto!


2 thoughts on “Things I’m Waiting For…

  1. Basically, everything that is perfect in life!

  2. Hope you get there soon!

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