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February 22, 2010


Rainy Day Memories

It’s raining here in sunny southern California and it makes me happy. It’s a welcome change of pace from blue skies day after day. I long to put on a sweater and open an umbrella. I looked out the window and saw my olive tree and in a flash I started reminiscing about some glorious rainy days in Italy.

A few years back when I was studying in Arezzo it rained at some point almost every day of the month that I was there. Did I care? Not really. I was in Italy and that was enough for me. In the morning I would crank open the shutter on my bedroom window, look out over the tile rooftops of the city, slick with rain and the only thing that worried me was that it was one more day when I couldn’t hang my laundry out to dry!

This photo is from our first trip to Italy. It was taken outside our apartment in the tiny village where we stayed in Chianti. I couldn’t believe that this cart with its wine bottles was just sitting there, waiting for us to snap a photo. Yes, it was a rainy day but in a way it added to the beauty of the vineyard. Rain or shine, Italy is where I feel at home…


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Memories

  1. It’s been raining here too, all day long! Did you find your missing recipe?

  2. B-no I never did find the recipe which makes me crazy! The entire magazine is missing-oh well-thankfully I remembered how to make it.

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