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February 16, 2010

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Neighbors From India?

We had the same neighbors for a long time, We came to love their children and looked forward to spending time with them every day. I loved passing baked goods over the fence to these neighbors. One day they announced that they were moving. We were taken by surprise and wondered who would be living there next.

As we were leaving to go out for dinner one night someone knocked on the window of our car. It was a realtor. He told us that the house was sold and our new neighbors were a young couple-a woman from Australia and a man from India. What? Did you say India? I had visions of meals made by our new neighbor and handed over the fence to us. Well, our new neighbors are wonderful, but I realized I needed to continue making Indian food if that’s what we wanted to eat!

Tonight I tried a new recipe from a favorite cookbook-Indian Home Cooking. If you have any interest in cooking Indian food, you have to buy this book. I took a class from the author-Suvir Saran- and he explained that when he arrived in the USA he was surprised at the food served in the Indian restaurants. He realized that it was all too creamy and decided to write a book with recipes from his grandmother and mother. Everything that I’ve tried has been a hit and until our neighbor decides to cook for us, I’ll be using this book. I’m making Chicken Curry With Greens and Garam Masala. It’s on the stovetop right now and all I can say is that I hope our neighbors have their window open and are wondering what’s going on over here. It smells wonderful!


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