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January 29, 2010

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La Lingua Italiana

I’ve started another Italian class-well sort of. I’ve gone to the first two meetings and as eager as I am to keep moving forward with my pursuit of speaking Italian, I’m just not sure if this is the class for me. The dynamics of the class remind me a little bit of high school. Last night I was assigned to a group for conversation and the other participants immediately began writing what they wanted to say. They looked at me like I was pazza (crazy) because I wanted to talk out loud and speak in Italian, while they chatted in English. The teacher thankfully is a native Italian from Trieste, and I hear that he’s a great instructor, so maybe I should stick it out.

Now this photo is of a class I loved being part of-students from around the world, everyone speaking Italian all day long since it was the only language we had in common! La Cultura Italiana in Arezzo-a school where every morning we had a break to run out to the corner bar for a quick espresso or cappuccino. Some day I’ll return and sit around that table up on the top floor of a very old building and share conversation with others who love Italy as much as I do.


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