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December 28, 2009


Pork Dumplings

I’ve been craving Chinese food. I’m out of luck for restaurant dining in the immediate area, so I knew I must take to the kitchen. Some years back I had a wonderful opportunity to work in a cooking school. The pay was minimal but the benefits were great-I got to taste a whole lot of delicious food, I was in the presence of some truly awesome chefs (including a few famous ones), I learned a lot and went home after each class with fabulous recipes.

There were a couple of teachers who specialized in Chinese cooking and my file is full of recipes from those classes. There was one dish in particular that I haven’t made in years and I thought today would be the day. You take a whole chicken and poach it with some ginger and garlic and right after it’s cooked, you submerge the bird in a pot of cold water until it’s cooled down. You then strip the meat from the bones and served it tossed with an incredibly flavorful peanut sauce.

I was all set to embark on this dish when J. asked what we’d be having for dinner. When I started explaining the dish to him he looked at me with that look, which I knew to mean “what, cold chicken for dinner?”. I knew right then that I should make the other dish I’d been thinking about (a roasted chicken with a hoisin-chile glaze). I did however, not abandon my plans for the starter-pork dumplings which I’ve been thinking about since I saw them on Margie’s blog-Eating in Dallas.

I’m sending you over to Eating in Dallas for the recipe. Margie made her dumplings as stuffed purses and I did the ones we’ll have tonight this way and I’ll steam them. The rest I folded as in the picture and popped into the freezer for future snacks. I’m a happy gal! Oh, I will be making that chicken dish in the not too distant future, so be sure to check back.


3 thoughts on “Pork Dumplings

  1. Chinese food sounds great for a change! Can I make these with all the leftover turkey I have–LOL!! I think today it might be turkey tortilla soup in our house…

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