December 14, 2009


The Pressure’s On

What do you do when a serious blogger with the same interests-food and Italy-mentions that she’s going to be in your area? Invite her over-that’s what! Of course we could have planned to meet in a restaurant and gotten to know each other, but it seemed like a no brainer that we should spend time enjoying a home cooked meal.

There are certain blogs that I’ve been reading since I first became interested in the whole blogging world. One of those is Palmabella’s Passions, where you’ll find great recipes just about every day of the week and if you’re lover of Italy and all things Italian, you’ll love this blog. If I’m planning a trip to Italy, I always read up on where Palma’s been before I make my reservations.

As soon as the plans were made I started worry about what to make. My sister’s advice was to “make anything-you always cook something good.” That didn’t help me at all! Of course I knew it had to be an Italian menu, but what? I had told Palma I would be keeping it simple and I wanted a menu that allowed me to be with our guests, and not slaving in the kitchen. After changing my mind about ten times I decided to go with my first idea-a lasagna-not your classic red sauced lasagna, but one with a bechamel sauce. Along with an arugula salad and a starter of crostini with Tuscan chicken liver spread, that was lunch.

Oh and there was dessert-a chocolate-hazelnut panna cotta. Check back tomorrow for more on that and an update on an afternoon spent discussing our favorite subject-our travels in Italy.

4 thoughts on “The Pressure’s On

  1. the LAST person you would ever have to worry about impressing is Palma. She is a very loving individual and I am sure she was just be happy just to have the time to spend with you — seriously, I know this because she has been a guest twice at my B&B! I am sure you had a great time! One thing about Palma, she brings a lot of smiles to the lives of others.

    Having said that, the menu sounds like it was delish!!!

  2. You even beat me to the blog! Oh, we had SUCH a wonderful afternoon. We were grinning all the way home! It was such a treat, and we felt like old friends. Thanks for your gracious hospitality and delicious food! Can’t wait until the next time.

    • Palma-we feel exactly the same way ! It was such a great afternoon and we will do it again. Thanks you for your fabulous goodies and all the great conversation about our favorite thing-Italy!

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