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November 6, 2009


Gratitude Friday: My Home Town

I was lucky to grow up in the idyllic small town. Situated on the banks of the Hudson river, my town is postcard perfect. It’s your classic northeastern village complete with quaint buildings, church spires and lots of history. The Revolutionary War came right through here and a famous British spy-Major John Andre, who had plotted with Benedict Arnold-was captured here.
Growing up I probably took for granted how special a place this was. It had all the advantages of a little village, yet you could hop on a train and be in NYC within a half hour.
music hall
Someone had the foresight to save this great old building where I went to the movies as a kid and now it’s a great spot to see a live performance.
the old dutch
One of the oldest churches in the country-The Old Dutch Church-is right down the street from where I lived. Built in 1685, it sits at the entrance of a cemetery which is not only beautiful and a great place to take a stroll, but has the graves of many famous American, dating back to the 1700s.
horseman sign
And one last thing-we’re home to the famous Headless Horsemen who rode his horse over the bridge at the end of my street! Sleepy Hollow-I’m thankful for having the opportunity to grow up in such a special place.


5 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday: My Home Town

  1. What a great place you grew up in Janie…I think upstate NY had more charm then North Babylon, Long Island. I am sure the leaves are just beautiful there right now!

  2. I was in your lovely town of Sleepy Hollow just a couple of weeks ago and it is really worth more than a drive through. I want to go back and explore.

  3. I took a wonderful drive through there several years ago on Columbus weekend. The leaves were absolutely breathtaking. That is the only time I have been on the east coast in the fall, and it was beautiful!

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