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October 30, 2009


Gratitude Friday: The Kindness Of Others

I recently had the pleasure of being exposed to a variety of people who think about and take action to care about people that they don’t even know. I realize that this sort of thing (should I say “charity” for lack of a better word?) probably takes place a lot more than I think, but I suppose I haven’t had much up close and personal exposure for a while.

Yesterday I spent the morning at a grammar school where seventh and eighth graders had organized a drive to collect goods for pregnant women (and their babies) in need. It was really awe-inspiring to see these pre-teens so excited about what they had accomplished. Each and every one of them wanted to help carry the bags of gifts out to our cars. We filled three cars with bags and boxes chock full of supplies for moms and their babies. Their enthusiasm for helping others was precious and it gave me hope that there are young people out there who think about more than themselves.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you out there who put the needs of others above yourself and extend a hand to those in need. I’m truly inspired by what you do.

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday: The Kindness Of Others

  1. How wonderful that these young kids are giving back, and at a time when they normally would be thinking about themselves!

  2. My sentiments entirely – being kind to others is my guiding philosophy in life!

    Pomona x

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