October 6, 2009


The End Of An Era-Gourmet

Picture 1I can’t really believe it, but Gourmet magazine is closing its doors. I’ve subscribed for years, but I feel that I must say that recently I’ve been thinking about canceling my subscription. There seems to be more pages with very stylized photos of people eating or partying and fewer pages with recipes and photos of food. I’ve hemmed and hawed about not getting the magazine, but every month I seem to find some wonderful recipes that I want to try. Now, my decision has been made for me.

I will definitely miss this icon in the world of food writing, but maybe it’s time to try something new. Just this weekend J. came home with a couple of food magazines for me and I must admit, that I’ve really enjoyed them and can’t wait to get in the kitchen and try a few of the recipes. Those publications are Fine Cooking and Taste of Italia. I was thrilled by finding publications with interesting, well written articles and recipes that inspired me to get cooking. Farewell to Gourmet, an old favorite and hello to the rest of you working hard to get new readers!

5 thoughts on “The End Of An Era-Gourmet

  1. hi!
    I am just writing to say how much I love your blog. I recently started blogging and while I intended to write mainly about crafting it has evolved into a blog about my eternal struggle to find healthy delicious food that my husband and young daughter will eat. My daughter (aged 4) told me last night in a miserable voice, “I don’t like recipes, mum. I just like spaghetti and parmesan.” Perhaps I’m just making life difficult for myself! anyway, if you get time, I’ d love you to take a look at my blog:

  2. It is sad news to lose an iconic publication. But, like you said, they seemed to have lost their focus -and thus reader base. I also felt like it became too “aloof” or distant from what it used to be, plus waaaay too many ads instead of actual content in recent years. Taste of Italia is very nice!

  3. Louise-thank you for stopping by and your kind words! If you start when your daughter is young-like she is now-it is the perfect time to slowly introduce new foods to her. You still have time!

  4. Valerie-yes-the pages and pages of ads probably take up a third of the magazine!

  5. What’s funny is that they say they’re pulling the plug on it because ad revenue is down! Then again, who’s to say how much those pages were discounted?

    Anyway, I can vouch for Fine Cooking being excellent. They recently revamped it and while there are things about the makeover I like, they haven’t changed the fact that they publish good recipes. Enjoy!

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