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September 24, 2009

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Un Regalo Per Me-A Gift For Me

Or another good title for this post would be: How To Make A Foodie Happy. Can you guess how that it is? Well, I’ll fill you in-give me a gift of food. A few days ago I was down in San Diego’s Little Italy for my weekly meeting with my tutor (and now la mia amica-friend) in my continued quest to speak Italian. We’ve pretty much put aside correcting any grammar lessons that I might do at home and spend the hour drinking the best cappuccino here in the southland and just chatting. I could sit there and listen to her for hours, content in hearing this gorgeous language being spoken by a native Italian. The not so melodious part is when I struggle to express my thoughts! But as she tells me “piano, piano’-fluency in speaking comes slowly, slowly. My question is how slowly?!

We finished up and as I was leaving the cafe I noticed that they were selling a few bottles of Tuscan olive oil. Seeing that at right now I only have one bottle of extra virgin oil in my pantry (I consider this almost a disaster) I decided to buy one. As I was standing there making my decision one of the owners-a twentysomething from Pisa-came over and presented me with a gift of balsamic vinegar. It’s a gorgeous box with four different bottles of l’aceto balsamico. I was thrilled and then a little overwhelmed as I searched for something to say “besides grazie! The vinegar came from a company “Buonaceto” in Emilia Romangna. An Italian food product, given to me by an Italian-that made my day!


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