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September 17, 2009


The Color Of Time


I laugh to myself when I see people here in California trying to make their houses look old. They hire artists to color and shade and make faux finishes and as talented as these people might be, there’s just no way that that one can replicate what happens naturally over time. I love the look of this building-especially the variegated colors of the roof tiles. This was Rome, but take a walk down almost any street, at any time in Italy and you’ll see what I mean.


5 thoughts on “The Color Of Time

  1. This is in Trastevere, right?
    It looks like a friend’s apartment near Piazza della Malva…

    People in California actually pay to make their facades look crappy? Because whatever the technique, it could never appear this authentic and oddly beautiful, only centuries and Italian air can render this “vintage” effect.

    Lola xx

  2. “…there’s just no way that that one can replicate what happens naturally over time.”

    So true – and I’m with you! That faded stucco is just fantastic.

  3. Looks like Rome to me! Hub refers to certain colors as “Roman”.

  4. My J felt the same way, thus spent one of our first trips to Italy, taking 3 rolls of film dedicated to nothing but walls and finishes. It paid off as you know; our dining room does not look contrived except for the fact it looks like it should be on the exterior not the interior. Also worth a laugh are homes listed for sale described as “Tuscan”- so many times this leaves me to wonder if the people writing the descriptions have ever been to Tuscany.
    The other day my friend, who built a home on Balboa Island in a French Country style, told me the man who put the finish on the exterior was flown in from Italy so it looked authentic. Authentically reproduced in the French style to look French by a little Old Italian guy. She added the more she looks at her home the more she feels it resembles something from Italy rather than France. Either way it is beautiful but we are funny people aren’t we?

  5. Margie-you are right-this picture was taken from the rooftop deck of our hotel in Rome.

    V. Girl-I love your comment!

    Lola-no not Trastevere-we were at a hotel on a tiny street not far from Piazza del Popolo!

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