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September 8, 2009

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Let’s Write A Letter

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I love to write. My blog gives me the opportunity to write a little each day. In college I took every creative writing class that was offered. I even did an independent study one semester where I worked on one story for months. I wonder where all that work is now? Is it still in a box in my mother’s basement?

Many years passed before staring this blog and attempting to write again. I must admit though that through those years I have always been a letter writer. There’s something about putting a pen to paper and sending a letter off to a close friend that I find incredibly satisfying. Maybe it as a little bit to do with my fascination with beautiful stationery (ask J. and he will tell you that he was very surprised to find my huge stash of paper products). Maybe it’s that I love opening the mailbox and finding a hand written note from a friend. Whatever the reason, I am one of those people who still writes letters and notes whenever I can and despite the rising cost of postage, this is a practice I will never give up.

I forged a friendship with B., who is now one of my best friends, based on writing letters. We were “pen pals” (if you can believe it in this day and age) for eight years before we ever met. No phone calls, no emails. We communicated the old fashioned way-with letters. Although we now use the internet to communicate, I still wait in anticipation for the mailman to deliver a letter from B.

Today I came upon a blog written by a woman in the UK. She is sponsoring a “letter swap” and I think it’s a great way to make a new friend. Take a look at “A Bun Can Dance” and take part in writing a letter to someone who could become a new friend. It worked for me.


One thought on “Let’s Write A Letter

  1. I have joined this! Like you I used to write reams when I was younger, especially letters – and I started blogging because having finally finished my PhD in English Literature, after spending most of my life being a student with essays to write, I really missed writing every day. But I rarely handwrite things nowadays, so I thought the letter writing swap would be a great thing to join!

    Pomona x

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