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August 28, 2009


Gratitude Friday

Where did the week go? Time for reflecting on the good in our lives.
I am grateful for my friend, L. who I met through her blog Cucina Cara Mia. How wonderful to find someone from a similar background (Italian-American from NY) who loves to cook and is passionate about all things Italian and lives close by.

Thanks for our normally very moderate temperatures here in San Diego. It’s very hot here right now and I am incredibly grateful for the fact that this should only last a few days. I’m so hot!

I’m especially grateful to our friends L & B who were responsible for J. and I meeting all those years ago. If it hadn’t been for their charming bakery, Sonrisa, who knows where either of us would be today. I should also throw in the fact that I’m very, very happy that we’re dining at their house this weekend-they are the best cooks.

I am grateful for being able to run to my wonderful farmers’ market before work on Saturdays-I could not survive without my weekly dose of beautiful flowers and spectacular produce. Thank you San Diego for your incredible farms and farmers.

Head over to Creative Structures for another dose of “gratitude” and take time to think about all the good things surrounding you too.


4 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. I would like to jump in here and point out how grateful I am to share life with Panini girl. She is the best (& and of course you wouldn’t believe the food around here 🙂 )
    Thank you!

  2. I can guess that the food is good just be reading the posts! Even on a screen it is all mouthwatering! Hope you’ll get back this part of the world some day!

    Pomona x

  3. I am grateful for you too Janie, it is a blessing to have so much in common with someone….and all because of something called a blog!

  4. I am grateful to share a birthday with my very special friend Janie! And I am particularly grateful to Janie for her blog, because even though we live thousands of miles apart, it makes me feel like I am right next door.

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