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August 27, 2009

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August’s Bounty

cherry tomatoes
This obviously was a photo taken at the farmers’ market, but I too am in the throes of an incredible tomato harvest. I’ve given up being greedy with them and am now happily passing them out. I wish I had more time to do something wonderful with my fabulous crop, but until then, we’re enjoying them sliced with mozzarella and basil and couldn’t be happier.

I added a cherry tomato plant at the last minute and it’s the only one I actually put in the ground-the rest are in large pots. This plant has gone wild and has wound its way in and out of my olive tree. It’s really quite an amazing sight and now stands well over my head. My “cherries” are so sweet and delectable! Every time I pass the bowl on the counter I have to grab a few and munch on them. We’ve been having them on salads, of course, but I’ve also been roasting them tossed with salt, pepper and some good olive oil and then making a quick sauce of them after passing through a food mill (to remove the seeds and skin). Absolutely delicious.


One thought on “August’s Bounty

  1. Fantastic! I wish we had a good tomato crop this year. It just didn’t work out in our backyard!

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