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August 26, 2009


More Puglia-Burrata!

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Some years back I decided to give up cheese for Lent. Big mistake. I was a tortured person. Day after day I would open the fridge and moan about the fact that I couldn’t eat any cheese. Friends would say “let’s go for pizza” and I would sigh and respond “I can’t, I’m not eating cheese!”. I am a major cheese lover. Before we had a real cheese shop within driving distance, I used to order cheese from points afar and have it shipped to me. I have a dream of going to apprentice on a farm and learn how to make cheese. I joke with J. about having a few goats in our tiny backyard so that I could start making cheese.

So of course I was more than enthused to see that the segment I was watching on RAI about Puglia had a segment on cheese. The first one featured was “burrata”. I was fascinated watching the process involved in the production of this delicious cheese. Whenever I encounter burrata on a menu in a restaurant , the server always describes it as “mozzarella filled with cream”. This is only partially true-besides a filling of panna the “rags” that are left from making mozzarella are also added to the center of burrata. Leave it to the Italians to take their delicious mozzarella and take it one step further. I am by no means an expert on cheese-I just know what I like and being in Italy and having access to its cheese was like a dream come true for me.
For an up close and personal account of the cheese of Puglia head on over to Parla Food and read about Katie’s experience with burrata. It’s the next best thing to being there…


6 thoughts on “More Puglia-Burrata!

  1. You must be such a strong-willed person to give up cheese for Lent! That is such a long time to go without! I have always fancied making cheese – once when I was trying to make yogurt I made cheese by accident, but could never replicate my mistake.

    Pomona x

  2. I’m sure you already get La Cucina Italia and know that the October issue has a piece on making Mozzarella. I am SO TEMPTED to try this. It’s the third article I’ve seen on it this summer…

    • Tracy-thanks for the tip-I used to get that magazine, but don’t anymore-I will definitely get this issue because I’ve been dying to try to make mozzarella. I made ricotta but I have a feeling that mozzarella is harder!

  3. Burrata is so incredible! I love watching that creamy center leak onto the plate.

  4. Now I am drooling on my keyboard. I never met an Italian cheese I didn’t love. Yesterday, I found a chunk of Cacio de Roma at my Bristol Farms (I really try to stay away from their cheese department…like a kid in a candy store). They had burrata too!

  5. Burrata is sooo good! My local Italian grocer orders it. You put in your order and when it arrives you have about 4 days to come pick it up and eat it before it’s past it’s prime. It’s fantastic. I also shop at a grocery store that makes their own mozzarella. I usually get it when it’s still warm. Also very good. I’ve never tried making it. But, they make it look so easy…

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