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August 19, 2009

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The Summer Side Dish


Last year was our first experience with Umbria and we immediately fell in love with this part of Italy. The countryside is gorgeous, the towns are charming and it seems less crowded and touristy than Tuscany. I suppose I should mention that we were spoiled by an incredible stay at Genius Loci. If you find yourself in the vicinity of Bevagna or Montefalco this is where you too should be staying.

As I planned my dinner party a few nights back, I remembered a delectable pepper dish that Mary, the innkeeper of Genius Loci, recently posted on her blog Reflections on My 40 years in Umbria. It’s perfect for the bounty of peppers available at this time of year and once you’ve finished dicing your peppers and slicing your onions and cherry tomatoes, you can go and relax while everything gently simmers in olive oil and white wine.

So head on over to Mary’s blog and make a stop at your farmers’ market and cook up a big batch of peperonata. If you can’t actually be in Italy, at least you can cook like you’re there!


One thought on “The Summer Side Dish

  1. I love those ridged tomatoes – we have grown some quite successfully this year – they are called Costoluto, I think.

    Pomona x

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