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August 13, 2009


The Demise Of The Food Section

Every week I look forward to the Wednesday newspapers-that’s the day with the food section. For a long time there were three papers that I would purchase and then long for a few free moments when I could sit down and pour over every word. Those papers were the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and our local San Diego Union.

A few years back I gave up on the San Diego paper. The number of pages and articles kept getting smaller and smaller until I decided it wasn’t worth buying anymore. I remember back in better days I actually called the paper to ask about working in their test kitchen and they laughed and said “what test kitchen?”.

Of course the NY Times has had a stellar reputation and some of my favorite food writers contribute to the Wednesday food section. Over the years I’ve tried more recipes than I can count, but lately I’ve noticed that the amount of articles decreased and in the past two years the price of the paper has doubled! Why should I buy this when I can read it on line?

Which leaves me with the Los Angeles Times, which is actually my favorite of all three food sections. The articles and recipes are about food that you would actually try. The restaurant reviews are poignant for me since I could drive up to LA and try them. Over the last few months I’ve noticed that this food section has fewer pages and it makes me sad.

I love picking up the paper and reading an article and seeing the photos. I can read it on line, as many people do, but it’s just not the same. I guess I have to get over it-the end of an era-the food section is disappearing.


4 thoughts on “The Demise Of The Food Section

  1. We still have a bit in the Sunday papers – but I think that is what is happening to newspapers. But there are some good magazines on food, although I tend to find quite a few new recipes online from bloggers like you!

    Pomona x

  2. Say thank you recession! I am trying hard to get a cookbook published, but I keep getting responses that this is the WORST time to be pursuing this endeavor.

    No one wants to publish food-related material anymore, not even the papers you mention, whose food sections and reputation were unequalled.

    Hopefully films like Julie&Julia will bring food – and writing about it – back into fashion.

    Lola (food blogger and wannabe published author)

  3. I love Wednesday because it’s food section day! The Washington Post (which I read online) also has a good one. I agree about the LA Times, and I also read the Chicago Tribune and SF Chronicle, because both of those were nominated for James Beard Awards for their food sections this past year. I’ve found good recipes in all the ones I read (I also read the NY Times).

    I think the demise of the food section has more to do with the decline in newspaper readership than the decline in the interest of food, which is clearly pretty high, given the success of things like the Food Network, Top Chef and “Julie & Julia.” But notice: none of those are print media (J&J of course, had a print component, but the real buzz didn’t happen until they made the movie). Long live the printed word!!

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