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August 10, 2009


This Little Piggy…

piggy truck

I’m a huge fan of pork. If we’re dining in a restaurant and I see pork on the menu, it’s likely that’s what I’ll order. Roasted pork loin, grilled pork tenderloins, tacos made with pork carnitas, breaded and fried cutlets, pulled pork with barbecue sauce, and a stew of chile verde with peppers and tomatillos are a few of my favorites.

While walking around Seattle we came upon this truck selling pulled pork sandwiches. Unfortunately for us, it wasn’t open for business when we strolled by, but it did give me an idea. All of a sudden food being sold from trucks is all the rage. It sort of makes me laugh because my catering partner and I talked about having a food truck about fifteen years ago. So much for being ahead of the curve and not jumping on a novel idea. Anyway, what about a truck selling porchetta sandwiches? It certainly seems to work for the Italians!


3 thoughts on “This Little Piggy…

  1. Cute truck! Porchetta…mmmm! Prosciutto, salami…yeah, I like me some pig, too!

  2. Valerie-after I wrote this post I started to think about prosciutto, guanciale, salami and pancetta!

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