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July 23, 2009


Can You Have Too Many Italian Cookbooks?

I’ve already admitted that I have a thing for cookbooks and does it surprise anyone that I have more books on Italian cooking than anything else? I don’t really use all of them and to be honest I don’t usually cook using a cookbook, but I sure do like to sit and read them for inspiration. I suppose it comes from growing up in an Italian American family and eating my grandmother’s food that instilled me with a love and passion for this cuisine. At any rate, when asked by those who don’t really know me well what type of food I like to cook most, the answer is simple-Italian!

In no particular order-here’s a list of my Italian cookbooks:
Italian Holiday Cooking Michele Sciolone
La Bella Cucina Viana La Place
Panini, Bruschetta, Crostini Viana La Place
The Italian Country Table Lynne Rosetto Kasper
The Little Italy Cookbook David Ruggerio
Cucina Fresca Viana La Place & Evan Kleiman
In Nonna’s Kitchen Carol Field
Rustico Micol Negrin
The Antipasto Table Michele Sciolone
The Food of Southern Italy Carlo Middione
The Cuisine of Venice Giuisti-Lanham/Dodi
Contemporary Italian Robert Hellstrom
Verdura Viana La Place & Evan Kleiman
Cucina Simpatica Killeen & Germon
Trattoria Cooking Biba Caggiano
Pasta Fresca Viana La Place & Evan Kleiman
Trattoria Patricia Wells
Cucina Rustica Viana la Place & Evan Kleiman
The Glorious Soups & Stews of Italy Domenica Marchetti
Secrets From My Tuscan Kitchen Judy Witts Franchini
Regional Foods of Northern Italy Marlena de Blasi
On Top of Spaghetti Killeen/Germon
Dolce Italiano Gina De Palma
New Italian Cooking Scott Conant
Cucina & Famiglia Tucci/Scappin
Venice & Food Sally Spector
Marcella Cucina Marcella Hazan
Rome at Home Suzanne Dunaway
Adventures of an Italian Food Lover Faith Heller Willinger
Big Night In Domenica Marchetti
The Italian Grill Micol Negrin
Marcella Says Marcella Hazan
Molto Italiano Mario Batali
Holiday Food Mario Batali
The Babbo Cookbook Mario Batali
Simple Italian Food Mario Batali
The Taste of Pasta Antonio Piccinardi
Lorenzo’s Pasta Lorenzo de’Medici
The Heart of Sicily Anna Tasca Lanza
Lidia’s Family Table Lidia Bastianich
Lidia’s Italian-American Kitchen Lidia Bastianich
Italian Country Cooking Rogers/Grey
Italian Easy Rogers/Grey
Foccacia Carol Field
Enoteca Joyce Goldstein
Antipasti Joyce Goldstein
My Italian Garden Viana La Place
Healthy Italian Cooking Emanuela Stucchi
Soffritto Benedetta Vitale
Pizza Michele Sciolone
Marcella’s Italian Kitchen Marcella Hazan
Pizza, Pasta and More Wolfgang Puck

Okay-I think that’s all of them, but who knows what I may have hidden somewhere else in the house. I’ve never really counted them before and typing the titles and authors was actually a little overwhelming! Does this mean I’m finished buying books on Italian food- what do you think?


11 thoughts on “Can You Have Too Many Italian Cookbooks?

  1. No, you can never have too many – I never would have made Pea and Parsley soup (sounds awful!) if it wasn’t for “Buonissimo! Italian Food has never been so sexy” by Gino D’Acampo

  2. Dolly-maybe I”ll have to check that out!

  3. omg! that is mind blowing!!! 🙂 What a list!!

  4. Wow, that is a very impressive list! The only must-have you’re missing is Artusi. I love his comments as much as the recipes.

  5. I believe you – I saw most of your cookbooks, you win the award for most cookbooks, I feel like a slacker compared to you! LOL!! I am blogging today because I can’t leave the house!

    • Linda, Diana and Valerie-okay, I have a cookbook problem, but what a way to go-lots of inspiration for great Italian meals. To be honest, I’d trade the cookbooks for time in Italy any day!

  6. I’m eagerly marketing my Italian cookbook manuscript, but I guess that’s why I’m having so much trouble getting it published: THERE ARE SO MANY AROUND ALREADY!

    My agent says the bad economy is hurting the book issuing business… True but the bookshelves are overflowing with newly published cookbooks.

    That is quite an impressive list. I find Michele Scicolone to be very good, his recipes are authentic andwell researched.

    Wish me luck…
    Lola xx

    • Lola-I hope you find a publisher! Do you read Over A Tuscan Stove? Judy self published her own book on Tuscan cooking since no one else would and is selling it through her blog. Just a thought…

  7. Never!! There’s no such thing as too many Italian cookbooks!

  8. wow, do you have a list on baking books?

    • Tianne-have you ever used any of Maida Heatter’s books? She’s like the queen of baking cookbooks! Her recipes look long, but that’s only because she walks you through every step of the recipe. Her cookies are amazing! From the look of your blog, you’re doing pretty good already with baking !

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