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July 20, 2009


Meet Me At The Donut Shop

I would not say that I am someone who runs downtown for a box of donuts very often. In fact I can’t remember the last time that I even purchased donuts-it was probably some years back when I was buying them to feed my staff. When I realized that we would be in Seattle staying near to Pike’s Market, I knew that I would be standing in line with everyone else to get a bag of these delectable mini donuts. They’re just too good to pass up!
dipped donuts
They’re the perfect size at a bite or two and the best thing is that they are served warm, right off the presses. The dough comes out of a mechanical dropper into the hot oil and then the warm donuts slide off into a tray waiting to be tossed with powdered or cinnamon sugar. It’s mere moments before you’re handed a bag of these warm confections that are incredibly light and not the least bit greasy. It’s smart to get your bag and start walking or you just might find yourself standing at the back of the line waiting to buy just a few more!
donut sign


7 thoughts on “Meet Me At The Donut Shop

  1. I don’t remember seeing those… I think I will go later this week with the kids. They love Pikes. The berries and cherries are so delicious right now.

  2. oKay, that does it, you are pure EVIL!

  3. i love donuts!!! this is making me hungry 😉

  4. I wish we had shops like that where I live!

    Pomona x

  5. I wish that shop was around the corner from this silly apt.! I would LIVE in it. Only place better would be Weber’s Bakery on Archer Ave on the south side of Chicago….ooo apple slices, prune danish, rye bread….

    ten women work the counter daily from open to close–they limit the amounts you can purchase of some items..truly. Check it out online.

    ahhh devil ‘back’…

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