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July 9, 2009

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I Pasticcini

pasticciniI was going through my travel photos trying to relive the past when I came upon this picture of one of my favorite things-i pasticcini-little pastries.

Why can’t I have a shop like this where I live? I suppose if I was in New York City I could find these delectable little bites, but then again you can find just about anything in NYC! At any rate, I could eat any of these, but my favorites were the ones with almond filling and topped with slivered almonds, and what about the ones with the ricotta filling? Maybe I need to get in the kitchen and experiment with making these myself? Who knows, I could be opening a shop myself!

A note to Annika at Dove Mi Porta Il Cuore-when you get to Italy, eat a few of these and think of me!


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