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July 7, 2009


Take Me Back…

…to Rome so I can stroll down the charming Via Margutta,

walkway…to Positano where I can climb hundreds of stairs and I won’t even complain,

calitri-door…to Calitri where I will meet my relatives,

…to Venice where I can lose my way in about five minutes and not even care,

…and to anywhere in the Tuscan countryside.

Is this too much to ask???


10 thoughts on “Take Me Back…

  1. If anybody has to wonder why Italy is a magnet drawing us all back like Ulysses and the sirens, all she needs to do is look at your photos.

  2. I’m FINALLY going back to Italy two weeks from now. I’ll think of you when I’m there. I feel your pain.

  3. Ahh…I’m with ya!

    I remember the stairs in Positano, the streets of Rome, and I remember getting lost in Venice TWICE! *sigh* Take me back with you!

  4. Getting lost in Venice, a right of passage and unavoidable!
    What’s worse is standing in a huge square with a great map and you STILL have no idea where you are, it is breathtaking…..:-?

  5. Thanks for bringing us back to all of those places, even if its in awesome photos-we can dream can’t we?

  6. I got lost in your photo’s, I long to go back!

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