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June 30, 2009


In The Future

Next spring I hope to be looking at this exact scene-fruit trees flowering in front of the medieval tower in the center of this tiny town nestled in a valley not too far from the coast. Can I really wait until then to go?


4 thoughts on “In The Future

  1. NO! Don’t wait, do not pass go to collect 200 dollars–oh just goooooo…it looks wonderful…and I adore how the photograph captures the trees—oh geez—what are you waiting for? cha cha! Do I dare ask–oh yes I do—which little town is this near? Cinque tierra (sp) by any chance? Even if you’d rather not tell, I still have to venture the question.

  2. Great pic! When are you going?

  3. What a beautiful shot…i hope you are serious about going!! You deserve to visit Italy again……so do I… LOL!!

    Glad to be home!

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