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June 23, 2009


Who’s Looking At My View?

my view2
I came across this picture today and to the rest of you, it’s probably nothing incredibly interesting, but it holds a special place in my heart. This was the view out of my front door in Arezzo. Although I entered the building through a street in the center of town, my place was actually tucked back in a cluster of medieval buildings. Through a courtyard filled with bicycles and up a few flights of stairs and there was my front door. I couldn’t see the street, just the windows and rooftops of the surrounding buildings, but I loved this view all the same. I wonder who is looking at my view right now?


2 thoughts on “Who’s Looking At My View?

  1. I was looking at books about Rome Sunday, remembering how it was to stand in a certain spot. The view off our balcony was fantastic to me, though probably very common to others.

    P.S. The corn “recipe” is up. Not much of a recipe actually. But, it sure was good!

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