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June 16, 2009


Cooking Up A Storm

I spent the afternoon doing what I love best-cooking! I have to be honest and admit that I am too tired to take any photos tonight and post recipes, but check back for that! I’m having my Italian tutor over for lunch tomorrow and it took me forever to decide on a menu. Should I make Italian food or something totally different? And what about pasta-do I dare serve pasta to an Italian? I am not afraid to make fresh pasta and I do a pretty good job at it, but I decided to stay away from that until she comes over for dinner.

In the end I decided on an Italian inspired meal. I started with dessert and baked a ricotta pound cake from Gina De Palma’s Dolce Italiano that I’ll top with strawberries. Next I moved onto making the starter-a Tuscan chicken liver pate which I’ll serve with crostini. Our main course is going to be skewers with Italian sausage and boneless chicken in a lemony marinade with dijon and herbes de provence served along side Panzanella-my favorite tomato and bread salad. I’m feeling pretty good about my menu and know that P. will be appreciative with whatever I serve.

Once I completed my luncheon prep I moved on to our dinner for tonight. Hey-we’ve got to eat too! I’ve been wanting to make shrimp enchiladas with a tomatillo/poblano sauce that I saw a while back in Bon Appetit. While my poundcake was in the oven, I was running out to the barbeque where I was grilling tomatillos, garlic and poblanos. Back in the kitchen I was cleaning shrimp for the enchiladas and arugula for a salad. I’m off to the kitchen to assemble our enchiladas for tonight, top them with avocado and enjoy dinner. See you later with some recipes!

4 thoughts on “Cooking Up A Storm

  1. Hey there Panini Girl, I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog, and in fact you inspired me to start my own ( a few weeks ago—stop on by!

  2. You are cooking up a storm!! I would be nervous if I had a real Italian coming to my house for dinner too!! Nothing would be good enough, I have a feeling though she will be impressed with your cooking abilities and of course, you get to speak Italian over lunch.

  3. It sounds delicious! Your tutor will be impressed!

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