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June 12, 2009

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Delightful Lucca

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Lucca-one of them most charming towns in Tuscany. I’m not sure that I should let that secret out, but there you have it. Now you have to go and check it out. Located on the western edge of Tuscany not terribly far from the sea, this town is worth a detour, even if it’s just a stop for lunch and a walk around town.
lucca piazza

Our first trip here was exactly that way. Driving from Siena to Milan we were starving and decided to pull off the road here, for no other reason except that it looked like an easy place to stop. What a pleasant surprise to find not only great food, but a gorgeous town completely surrounded by a grand medieval wall. The wall encircles the city and is incredibly scenic, but the best part is that there’s a lovely tree lined pathway for walkers and bikers on top of it and you have to make time to take a stroll up above the city.

The circle of buildings in the aerial view of Lucca is the site of an ancient Roman amphitheater. Homes were built above the ruins and I love the way that the shape of the ancient site is still evident today. Walking through here I wondered what the apartments looked like inside with their curved walls.

Lucca is the birthplace of Puccini and so many evenings you can find a performance of his work being held in one the many churches here. On our next visit I’m making a point of attending one of these concerts. Imagine sitting in a centuries old church, surrounded by paintings, frescoes and statues, listening to Puccini!

I did get to spend a weekend there last year, but it wasn’t nearly enough time. Be sure to drop me a line if you happen to make a stop at this incredible piece of Tuscany. I know we’ll be back!


One thought on “Delightful Lucca

  1. We visited Lucca several times when friends were living there. It is a beautiful town!

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