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June 10, 2009


Falling for Sicily

We’ve never been to Sicily, but it’s up there at the top of our list of places to visit in Italy. Everyone says that we must visit this island to see the “real Italy, Italy the way it used to be”. I don’t really know much about this place-a part of Italy and yet not a part. A place with its own heritage, food, dialect and traditions. My tutor is Sicilian and I hope to get the inside scoop of where we should go and what we should see. I want to go to not only the major sights, but to the small, unknown towns and get lost driving through its countryside. I want to eat my way around the island and stop in every pasticceria that we pass.
Picture 1

I just finished reading Marlena de Blasi’s “That Summer in Sicily”. I love everything that she writes, but for some reason I have been hesitant to buy this book. Maybe it’s because it’s not the story of “her life” in Italy, but rather the story of a woman that she encountered while visiitng the island to write a story for a publication. Whatever the reason, I’m glad that I finally broke down and read this enchanting story. I was immediately drawn in to this tale and in fact I couldn’t put this book down.

And so I’m off to read more about la bella Sicilia and dream about about our future travels there…


2 thoughts on “Falling for Sicily

  1. Wasn’t that an amazing story…what a tale of that woman? I really liked the other one you recommended!

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