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June 3, 2009


Out Of The Kitchen

I love Trader Joes! If you don’t live near one, I feel sorry for you. I visit my local store at least once a week and although I don’t do all of my shopping here, there are certain items that I love and the prices are great. I always check out their flowers and yes, the peonies in this photo came from there. They are one of my favorite flowers and don’t grow here in the San Diego area, so I indulge myself by buying them a few times in their very short season.

For the past week or so I haven’t done much shopping or cooking and all of a sudden, I am having withdrawal! I knew we were going to be away for a few days and so I didn’t go to the farmers’ market on Saturday. We’re out of our house and so have been eating out for the past few days, which is something we rarely do unless we’re on vacation. We’ll be heading home tomorrow and I am more than ready to get back in my kitchen to cook up a storm! I am sitting here wondering “what do I want to cook?”. Maybe there’s a market that we can hit on our way home. I miss my kitchen! Want to come for dinner this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Out Of The Kitchen

  1. Thank God for Trader Joe’s! If we weren’t having our new “Italian language meet-up group” over for dinner Sunday, and catering a Graduation party for 30 on Tuesday, I’d come for dinner!

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